Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Regarding frameworks are undeniable the most loveable modules of comercial programming. The ability of using already-developed parts or even expand them to your needs is shared. Moreover, regarding software engineering frameworks are the sharping edge of the satellite. The way of developing abstract methods and classes and messing with the real implementation describes the magic of their use. 
Trinity-FMW is a framework, which is developed in php and JQuery. It had been started as a personal attempt to bridge applications that need to connect with distributed server-side services such as Databases. This attempt were included features as PHP to server-side-services connection and interaction with the distributed client's application no matter what its developing features. This interaction were including XML, Port and HTTP GET/POST connection. 
So as a client's application were following the interaction protocol Trinity-FMW could be the proxy-agent to serve any query. Though Trinity-FMW had implemented ways of connections with services in general, it was sharing the ability to the developer to expand its abilities and reach a more inductive implementation. 
As the Abilities of the Trinity-FMW were expanding it reached the edge of its first developing purpose. Then Trinity-FMW had the ability to expand PHP in a better Object Oriented Programming (OOP) way. Since then it has a new goal to achieve, Trinity-FMW shares the ability to program in  PHP with the Principles of Java's OOP. 
As a Software Engineer I though that this is a great advantage of PHP since PHP's reaction time in serving the queries is really fast and OOP principles are the fetish of every OOP developer. 
In addition, Trinity-FMW tries to implement abstract methods to result a better and easier AJAX applications by using the JQuery. 
JQuery has the philosophy of Trinity_FMW. It tires to mess the Time-reaction abilities of Javascript with the OOP way of developing. This attempt results a bunch of applications that were really hard to be developed with a pure native code.

Furthermore, Trinity-FMW is shared as Open source. That is a personal decision wich were gained as I am an open source community member. Moreover, such attempt needs a lot of community's help in order to be achieved and release a stable version.
 Trinity-FMW is hosted in git-hub and I would be really pleased if you could fork me.
More news to come regarding Trinity-FMW. Stay tuned :)
Trinity-FMW on Git-Hub

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